Our services at a glance

Machine transportation

All from a single source!

One of our specialties is the transportation of oversized machinery. We will take care of the entire organisation and implementation for you, including any necessary approval procedures or roadblocks. From dismantling, removal, loading and transportation to unloading, insertion, assembly and preparation for the commissioning of the machinery. We also take care of order-specific new goods and transport insurance as well as customs and clearance documents. We have several special vehicles at our disposal, which we can use efficiently for you depending on your requirements.


  • Disassembly and labelling of machinery
  • Dispatch preparation (including inside the machinery e.g. securing axes)
  • Global transportation of your machinery
  • Unloading, placing, setting up according to factory layout, aligning and preparing machinery for commissioning
  • Machine anchoring (dynamic or fixed) according to manufacturer's requirements
  • National/international delivery with special vehicles
  • Own staff
  • Tailored cargo transportation insurance of your machinery (depending on customer requirements), right up to new goods value insurance
  • The assembly and transportation activities are carried out in compliance with the UVV (Accident Insurance Regulation) and environmental guidelines.